Company Profile

Three Daughters International, LLC, is a privately held company based in Wilmington, Delaware. 

The concept of Global Girl was developed from real-life interactions with children who were curious about what life is like for their peers in other countries around the world. After much research, we realized that there was no doll brand or book collection that focused on different countries and cultures in a meaningful, inspirational and empowering way. 

Global Girl was developed to bring fun, thoughtful and educational dolls and books to children in the United States and around the world. The Global Girl mission is to open girls' minds and spark a natural curiosity about their peers in other countries. Since this generation of children is growing up in a more globally connected world, it is our hope that this ongoing collection of dolls and books will pique their interest and excitement about other cultures at a young age and help prepare them for the future. 

Moving away from the concept of a doll that looks like the child, the Global Girl collection comprises the beautiful cultural and ethnic differences that children embody in themselves, along with that of the friends and family in their lives.  


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